Community Service

Ascension of Christ’s Human Care Team promotes community, national and international mission work through funding gifts to specific organizations as well as more hands-on work in providing meals and services to the homeless, seniors and foster children, as well as work with crisis pregnancy centers such as Care Net in Berkley.

We are also active in the Beverly Hills community, becoming recognizable for our “Sacrifice” float in the annual Memorial Day Parade, as well as being the “angels” at the end of the trail at the Halloween Hoot.   

Our Mission Partners


Ascension of Christ is an active supporter of the growing Lutheran Church in the Dominican Republic.  The congregation supports Rev. Ted & Rebekah Krey and their family who are living and serving in Santiago as missionaries.  Additionally, Ascension's Child Care Center is a "sister" school to the Lutheran preschool in  Licey, DR.

Here is the latest update from the Krey Family.


Ascension is a supporting congregation of the ministry of Care Net. 

Care Net Pregnancy Center Berkley | Detroit is a faith based organization that provides a holistic approach to client care encompassing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We serve clients of all faiths and will care for you regardless of your situation. We do not offer abortion services or referrals, annual exams, birth control devices, infertility services, mammograms or breast screenings, mid-life services, pre or post-natal care, or treatment of reproductive tract infections. You may receive a referral list of local physicians for reproductive care upon request.