We are a state-licensed child care center accepting children ages 6 weeks on up!

Enroll your child today, there is limited space available!

Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Contact Katrina Stewart, Program Director stewartk@ascensionofchrist.org

Or call 248-644-8890 for more information.


We use One in Christ Curriculum which is a comprehensive, faith based resource for Infant, Toddler and Preschool education. It helps provide a theme based- constructive environment and delivers age appropriate activities and experiences for sharing the love of Jesus in everyday fun. There are Bible stories, finger play, creative activities, prayers and songs to help our little ones develop a love for the Lord and for learning.

  • baby sprouts & Tiny sprouts

    Our Infant team's primary focus is providing a safe, loving, nurturing environment that supports the growth and development of our babies. Consistent love, comfort encouragement and support are given daily to each child. We encourage secure attachments with primary caregivers who meet the needs of individual children, on demand. Infants are nurtured in a least-restrictive environment that emphasizes learning through play, utilizing music, movement, and constant communication.

  • lil' Sprouts

    Our Young Toddler teachers provide a dynamic, adventurous and loving environment to nurture toddlers budding curiosity. In connection with the One In Christ Curriculum, the daily routine is enriched with language, music, and personalized hands on activities that address all areas of development. The daily schedule is flexible to ensure the needs of all children are met in a timely manner.

  • Big Sprouts

    Our enthusiastic Older Toddler team serve as nurturers, playmates, and educators to the terrific, talented, talkative and tenacious twos! There is a balance of learning and play to assist older toddlers in reaching the next level of their development. Teachers encourage positive communication, emphasizing expression of emotions and social interactions, in a loving Christian atmosphere. The interactive daily routine strengthens cognitive, fine/gross motor, social/emotional, and language skills. We partner with parents to assist in fostering toddler independence through a variety of activities, including toilet training.

  • Preschool Sprouts

    Our Preschool teachers provide a comprehensive and engaging educational experience that sets the foundation for school readiness. The daily routine promotes the skills of sharing, following directions, using words effectively, helping one another, listening/comprehension, and self-regulation. Activities and lessons are designed to address the social, emotional, cognitive and physical tasks of preschool. Developmentally appropriate activities are performed in a fun, enthusiastic, Christ-centered environment. The One in Christ and Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum are used hand in hand to support each child's individual level of development.